Frequently Asked Questions:


I would like to commission some pieces, how best to do this?

Giulietta loves to work to bespoke commissions and collaborations. The best way to do this is by contacting her over email with your thoughts and potential budget to work towards. She can then discuss with you your options and when and if the work can be made and supplied by.


In relation to classes and studio hire....


When are your next courses going online?

We often do not know this ourselves until about a week before the courses go live on the CWP website. This is because all the teachers are full time potters, balancing commissions and their own personal work. We therefore can only confirm our exact dates relatively late down the line. We suggest the best way to find out about courses is to sign up to the newsletter via the subscribe button on this website.


Do you have a waiting list? / Can I be put on a waiting list?

We no longer have a waiting list as it was so long it was not worth people signing up to. Very occasionally people cancel and I put the place back up on the website and let people know via instagram if its available.


Can I organise a class for a work event or a private party?   

Yes, we can accommodate a maximum of eight people on the throwing wheels and two additional people hand-building at any one time. There is an eight person maximum limit, as the studio is small and any more than this you would not get the sufficient teaching time needed.


Can I pre-book classes that are not yet announced?

We are very sorry, but classes cannot be pre-booked in advance, this is to allow everyone a fair chance of getting onto a course, as otherwise we would be fully booked until the end of next year!


Do you do vouchers/gift cards for classes?

We are very sorry but we no longer do vouchers or gift cards as we cannot guarantee that those who would have them could get onto a course, as we do not do pre-bookings in order to allow everyone a chance at getting onto a course.


Can I organise a private class for one/two people?

It's always best to see if you can gather eight people together and create your own course, which we can see whether we can then help with date-wise, once you have some options for us to look at. This is much more cost effective for those attending, otherwise one to two people private classes tend to be too expensive for the individuals in order to cover all our costs.


Are firings and glazes included in the class price?

Yes all clay, glazes and firings are included in the price of the course. There is a limit of 10 pieces on the beginners course and 12 pieces on the intermediate and practice sessions to allow for this inbuilt cost.


How long does it take for me to be able to pick up my finished pieces from class?

We always say to please allow three weeks, but this can take longer. An email is sent out to you when your work is ready for collection and suitable timings for pick up.


I have made some work somewhere else can I fire it in your kilns?

We no longer offer this service.


If you have any other questions please drop Giulietta an email....