Crown Works Pottery is pleased to announce that we will be offering a series of two-month residencies to professional potters/ceramicists or sculptors from around the world in 2020. We aim to allow those who are already at a professional/master level to come and experience another studio and all London has to offer.

During a residency you will be given free access to the studio space in London, Bethnal Green. This will include options of working on both electric and our beautiful new kick wheels, as well as hand-building and sculpting opportunities. The access will be 24hrs and 7 days a week.

Firings of up to 8 full electric kilns will also be provided and use of our pre-developed glazes.

We will also put on a small and informal exhibition of your work within the pottery at the end of your two months stay. You will be able to sell your work during the show and no money will be taken from the proceeds.

As part of the residency we will ask you to teach two two-day weekend workshops, where you will impart some of your making approach to our students and teach them a specially developed course along the lines of your making aesthetic and particular skills. Teaching experience is therefore a plus. We would also ask that you donate a piece of work made during the residency to the pottery, so that we can add it to our collection to show future students and makers.


  • A description of how you work, whether it be sculpture, thrown or hand-built pottery and rough expected output that you generally produce in terms of quantities of work per month, so that we can begin to imagine shelf and kiln flows.

  • A selection of 10 images of your work and link to a website if valid

  • A biography

  • Why you think this opportunity would work well for you and how it might help your career stage

  • Any specific areas of focus, research or exploration you would concentrate on during the residency

  • Which months would work best in terms of your stay, please see options for residency dates below and name as many as you can feasibly attend, in order that we can select and choose the right dates for all chosen residents

  • Send all applications to with the title line THE RESIDENCY PROGRAMME

The January-February resident will be decided around the beginning of December 2019 and the later dates will be confirmed at least two months before the start date of the residency period.



[Deadline for application 14th November 2019]


[Deadline for application 14th January]


[Deadline for application 14th February]


[Deadline for application 14th March]


[Deadline for application 14th June]


[Deadline for application 14th August]

Please note what is not Included:

Clay will be bought separately, either from us (we have a wide selection of types) or can be ordered by yourselves independently.

If you need more than eight firings, then this is of course possible. Each further firing would cost £45, whether it be bisque or a glaze firing. We fire with Skutt electric kilns to a high fire of 1280c. The kiln model is Skutt 1027. You would be able to fire at different temperature cycles if needed.

Accommodation and food is not included and will have to be organised separately by the resident independently of Crown Works.

If you wish to develop your own glazes during the residency then we will work out the cost of the materials used at the time. This is done in a clear way from our ordering of raw materials costs, so it is then fair for all involved.